Brief Introduction

Jiangsu Yian Construction Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, and now it has such qualifications as the first–grade qualification in general contracting for projects of electromechanical facility installation, the first-grade qualification in separately contracting for electromechanical equipment installation ,building-intellectualizing projects, fire-fighting facilities projects and architectural decoration projects, the second-grade qualification in general contracting for house construction and municipal works and the second-grade qualification in separate contracting for the construction of steel structures. The company obtained the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system、ISO14001 environmental management system、GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system and the right for running business in the form of foreign economic cooperation.

The company has a registered capital of RMB52.60 million and a net assets value of RMB 120 million. The company presently has 600 technical and management persons,180  Constructor and Associate Constructor, and more than 3800 employees who have obtained various sorts of qualification certificates through the training and examinations organized by relevant government authorities.

In recent years, we take Shanghai as our core business area, the Yangtze Delta Area as our main market,and make great efforts to expand our market share in North, South and Midwest China.We have established 18 branch companies all over China plus 1 abroad.We have contracted and participated in the construction of nearly 100 key electromechanical installation projects of the nation,provinces and autonomous regions.We have won the Luban Award 12 times,which is the top national award for construction projects,the Baiyulan Award of Shanghai City and the Yangtze Cup Award of Jiangsu Province for more than 30 times,the high-quality awards and the title of Civilized Construction Site of the provinces and the cities for dozens of times.We have been consecutively granted for many years honorary titles like Outstanding Company of Shanghai City,Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Province,Outatanding Enterprise of Jiangsu Province,Best Construction Company of Jiangsu Province,etc. For more than 90 times,our employees have won cite for merit and praise of the ministry and province level. In terms of comprehensive enterprise strength in the same trade,our company ranks the first in Wuxi and is also leading in Jiangsu Province.

Our working goals is “To do well in a project,to erect a brand and to open up a market.”

Our corporate tenet is “The quality of today, the market of tomorrow and the benefits of the day after ” .

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